Creative quality is our passion!

We’ll build or remodel a home for your family just like we would our own, with enduring design, quality and outstanding value.  Our clients understand that a home built with integrity by a reputable builder will protect their investment for years to come.  Our time-tested, proven systems and loyal, dedicated craftsmen insure that the workmanship on your home will be performed correctly and expediently.  

We highly encourage you to visit with any of our current or past clients in order to gain insight into their experience with us, so that you might come to understand the unique value proposition we have to offer.





Who We Are

Martin Morgan, of Morgan Holland Homes, enjoys the reputation of being one of the top residential construction and development owner-operators in Texas

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What We Do

Our team is available to help you from the beginning or any step along the way.  The support you gain from Morgan Holland Homes is second to none.


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